Rhythm Changes Podcast with Will Chernoff

Will Chernoff’s Rhythm Changes is the go-to source for coverage of Vancouver’s jazz scene. So I was excited when the day came to record a Rhythm Changes podcast with Will. 

I knew it would be a great conversation because of chats we’ve had in the past. What I didn’t expect: that our discussion about my book and the scene would cover as much ground as it did, and continue for 2:07:24 — the longest Rhythm Changes podcast ever recorded. 

Will also wrote the blurb that’s on the back of the book: “As the newest essential book on Vancouver jazz, Journeys to the Bandstand is inviting and personal. Chris Wong unlocks the decisions and emotions from the subjects’ lives from a well-researched vantage point, applying the same care to those tales from decades past as the ones from recent memory. Otherwise hidden personalities emerge as captivating stars on the scene alongside the more well-known names. You’ll learn a lot, whether you lived within these stories yourself or you’re discovering them for the first time.”

Photo of Chris Wong by Amanda Palmer.

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