Stir preview of Vancouver Jazz Festival book event

Stir, a digital magazine that thoroughly covers Vancouver’s arts and culture scene, published a preview of my talk on June 21, 2024 at the Vancouver International Jazz Festival.

In the article by Gail Johnson, Stir provided details about the jazz festival event, including a mention that I will talk about Journeys to the Bandstand with Will Chernoff, Rhythm Changes publisher and musician.

Stir also gave an overview of the book: “Wong doesn’t gloss over the hardships that can accompany a life dedicated to music; rather, he includes information about serious challenges some of the artists have faced, including addiction, racism, abuse, and anxiety and self-doubt. He also chronicles their joys and triumphs in making music. Wong combines historical details gathered from sources such as articles, recordings, films, letters, and books with a first-person perspective gleaned from witnessing the musicians perform and from past interviews he has done.

“Journeys to the Bandstand is a collection of in-depth profiles that sheds light on Vancouver’s overall jazz history.”

Read the preview in Stir.

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