Book launch event #1: Jazz Evensong at Brentwood Presbyterian

My first book launch event was on a Hallmark holiday—February 14, 2024—at Brentwood Presbyterian Church in Burnaby. As part of the weekly Jazz Evensong series, it was an amazing event for a number of reasons (that had nothing to do with Valentine’s Day):

  • Marcus Mosely and Michael Creber performed, and they sounded wonderful. It was meaningful for me to be there on a night Marcus was performing in his extraordinary style because I interviewed him for my chapter on Ron Small. Marcus provided deep insight about Ron’s complex character. Marcus, Ron, and Will Sanders were in the great gospel group the Sojourners. 
  • Even though I was a bit nervous before my first ever book presentation, it went very well. It was an honour to read an excerpt from my chapter on Ron, especially with people who were close to him in the audience. I could feel so much love and support in the room for Ron and my book. 
  • Brentwood minister Brian Fraser, who arranged for me to present the book at the church, was so welcoming and insightful in the words he shared that night with the large audience. 

Watch the entire performance by Marcus and Michael, and my presentation on the book, in the video below. My part starts at 33:53.

Photo of Ron Small at Cory Weeds’ Cellar Jazz Club, March 7, 2008, by Steve Mynett.

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