Music Buddy podcast with Jane Gowan

Music Buddy is a great podcast that Jane Gowan hosts, produces, and edits in Toronto. Jane has interviewed sublime artists such as Ron Sexsmith, Lillian Allen, and Dave Bidini. I’m very fortunate that Jane, a musician and songwriter, decided to feature me and Journeys to the Bandstand

I’ve known Jane Gowan for years, since she worked for Coastal Jazz & Blues and Black Swan Records (where her boss was Nou Dadoun, who interviewed me for CO-OP Radio), and performed with Spygirl in Vancouver. Jane also kindly gave me a transcription of an interview she did with Al Neil, which was essential material for the chapter on Al in my book.

At one point after moving to Toronto, she started Music Buddy, and I was thrilled when Jane contacted me about interviewing me for the podcast. It was a great experience recording the interview in-person with Jane at her home studio. She was incredibly prepared for the interview, and Jane has a knack for making her interview subjects feel comfortable as she asks questions in a very relaxed and supportive way.

Jane on Journeys to the Bandstand: “It’s an in-depth and rich account of the remarkable life stories of several key protagonists in Vancouver’s jazz and improv scene. From lesser-known icons such as trumpeter John Dawe, to revolutionary shape shifters such as pianist Al Neil, to essential leaders in today’s scene such as bassist Jodi Proznick, Wong chronicles this carefully-curated selection of intriguing lives with a gentle compassion, a steadfast respect for the truth, and a deep love and understanding of the art form itself … Chris put so much heart into this book, and he has written what I think is an essential reference for anyone interested in jazz, especially the history of Vancouver’s jazz scene.”

Here’s the one-hour podcast, including our conversation and some musical snippets relevant to the book. Big thanks to Jane for shining a light on so many musicians with Music Buddy, and featuring me on the podcast.

Photo of Jane Gowan, Toronto, May 2, 2024, by Chris Wong.

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